everything's okay

even if it seems like its not

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Wow this week has been a terrible relapse. I told a close friend I was bulimic and that I just needed someone to be there for me & he said that it’s normal to feel insecure and want to be skinnier.
But its not. I shouldn’t feel this way. Food shouldn’t make me nervous or scared or ashamed. So many people say “you’re not alone, X% of teenage girls develope ed’s that are your age”
So then i think, “oh okay, then this is all normal. Its a phase that will blow over”…
It isnt a phase though, its my life and im slowly killing myself, physically and emotionally. I just need someone to tell me that over eating and puking and starving and having food control my life isnt normal, and I want them to see me as me, not a fucking statistic.

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